Splash Artists Bio Page Submission Form

Hey guys - I wanted to create a really easy way for you all to get your artist biography page info sent to me. This page has been created JUST FOR YOU! (don't worry, it's not visible to my website users - you can only access it by following the link I gave you.)


The only fields that are mandatory are your name, your email, and your artist biography. However, I strongly  encourage your to submit as much of the other info as you feel comfortable sharing. It'll let customers find you (and your work), and get in touch more easily. Don't be shy!

In addition to completing and submitting this form, please start uploading your pictures to the google photos for Splash. If you have photos, but need help getting them into the shared space just let Laurel, Sue, or me know. Or you can email them to me directly, at colibri.arts@gmail.com

Thanks! I've got your info now. I'll reach out if I have any questions! -Niki

***Please note: because of Covid-19, much of my inventory on hand is reduced. If you would like to purchase an item that you do not see listed, please feel free to contact me. If I'm able to fulfill your request, I'll etch it up, and invoice you directly. ***