New Year - New Challenges!

Every small business is different, and Colibri Arts is no exception. As I look towards the future of this little business, I see it growing in two or three directions. As the first month of this new year draws to a close, I felt like taking a moment to outline the roadmap for Colibri's future hopes and dreams.

1) Original Art - creating and selling my own, original designs will always be a huge part of Colibri Arts. Artistic creation is at the heart of this whole endeavor, and will always be a rewarding and enjoyable process. I'll continue to sell my artwork here, and down at the Splash Gallery of Olympia for the foreseeable future.

2) Custom Orders - while my original artwork accounts for most of the business here at Colibri Arts, a good number of custom orders help to keep things moving! On any given day, I've usually got between 1 and 5 custom orders in queue. Whether it's a birthday or wedding gift, or just something unique for the customer placing the order - I love them all! I'll always welcome custom order requests, and will always look forward to helping make ideas come to life.

3) Wholesale Orders - for many years, large orders were simply out of scope of

my manual methods. When I made the decision to purchase a laser in 2017, wholesale orders were a large part of the motivation. Since that purchase in November of 2017, the laser's gotten a name (Ethel), and she's changed the game! We've successfully fulfilled orders for 100 etched wine and pint glasses, as well as some fun wood, stamp rubber, and enamel orders for other local businesses! This division of the business is sure to grow, and I'll be eager to greet any new customers (and their orders). ;)

As you might imagine, the plan to support all three lines of business will make for a varied, and (hopefully) busy life. The other challenge it'll pose: how on earth do you organize a website that will make it easy for customers to shop all three types of orders? Well, if you've got a great example, send it my way! LOL Until then, you'll see Colibri Arts undergoing some changes here and there, while I figure it out.

Thanks for following me on this journey, and for supporting all the other small businesses out there, as we continue to learn and grow!

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