What Can't We Do?

Our star employee - #Ethelthelaser - has been tackling each new material with gusto! We're thrilled to say that we can now offer acrylic and stamps, in addition to the glass and wood we've been working with thus far.

What does this mean for you, our awesome customers? Glad you asked! ;)

Well, for starters, we can make sweet cake toppers - like the one seen here!

This shiny beauty was created for a couple of friends celebrating a joint birthday. I hand-lettered the message, and cut it from mirrored gold acrylic. The finished piece was absolutely gorgeous - and so much fun!!!

We'll soon be offering custom cake toppers online (just as soon as we've done a bit of reorganization on the website, to make a better space for the new offerings!

As for the stamps, there are so many possibilities... everything from single, block-style stamps (like the logo stamp seen here), to self-inking address or logo stamps.

What we'd love to see is some kiddos' artwork being translated to stamps (how cool would that be?). Here's hoping that some fun holiday stamp orders come through, so we can play around with this idea!

Whatever the case, it's truly amazing how much fun we're having, in our lovely studio, here in Olympia. <3

So, as always, stay tuned! We'll be posting more pics online, as we continue to create and play. ;)

Oh! And in case you missed it, we've also just updated the studio. After a year of "flying by the seat of our pants," we finally found time to put the finishing touches on the studio, and make it the amazing work space it was meant to be.

So cheers to the rapidly approaching holiday season, and all the sweet artwork that will come from it!

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