Learning & Growing

As always, we love the challenge of making new products, whether for our own entertainment, or to fulfill a custom order. While we're ramping up to try fun new materials (like stamps, acrylic, and more), we've also been churning out tons of beautiful items from our existing collections.

As a small business, Colibri Arts is constantly walking a line between branching out to new ideas, and trying to solidify our offerings within existing product lines. Luckily, we're surrounded by lots of other makers and creators, all of whom share insights, inspirations, and ideas with their fellow business owners.

Now that we've passed one full year since the re-invention/re-launch of Colibri Arts, it feels like a good time to take stock, and be thankful for each and every opportunity we've had so far. From custom orders to recurring customers, each and every step of our journey has been full of excitement.

This past year, we've learned how to operate our incredible laser (#ethelthelaser), and it's been a wild ride. The new method unlocked a greater level of detail for designs, which has meant a rework of many designs, and the creation of many new ones. We've even branched out to new materials, such as wood, and engraving enameled water bottles.

Next up: rubber stamps and acrylic signs! We'll be trying our hand at making cake toppers, as well as anything else that comes to mind. ;)

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