The laser is up and running!

Holy smokes, you guys, this thing is awesome!!! I'm still creating my own designs, but now, technology is bringing it to life. It's completely surreal, and incredibly exciting. There's going to be a long learning curve, but I'm happy to report that I'm slowly starting to get the hang of this thing.

Here are some images of the first custom wine glass - fresh out of the laser! This is my own, original drawing of Mount Rainier on a stemless wine glass:

Head over to Colibri's Instagram to see a time lapse of this piece being engraved. (It's pretty cool to watch.) This machine is such a big step for this tiny business. It makes large orders possible, and will soon allow me to offer wholesale pricing.

...So now it's all about learning to use the equipment, and prepping lots of great products for the holiday season! There's a stack of bank glassware just waiting for some artwork, and plenty of designs just looking for a home. New products will be available online soon, and custom orders are always welcome. I'll be in my studio for the foreseeable future - see you all in a few weeks! ;-)

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