Floral Mirrored Serving Tray
  • Floral Mirrored Serving Tray

    Okay, I try not to pick favorites, but this is definitely at the top of my list!


    The tray itself it fantastic - with a mirrored bottom, sturdy metal frame, and rustic rope hadles. I etched a series of flowers and foliage in a wreath design, and threw in a couple of friendly little bees, to boot. After several hours of work, the overall result is stunning, and came out better than I'd hoped!


    This original item would be a great accent at your next cocktail party, but it could server just as well for a decadent breakfast in bed. Whatever the purpose, I'm sure it's beauty and charm will compliment any event.


      Measurements: approximately 2'x2', 3" tall.


      Between the mirrored bottom, and the solid metal frame, this is a pretty heavy piece.