Stainless Steel Growlers (two sizes/styles)
  • Stainless Steel Growlers (two sizes/styles)

    These gorgeous stainless steel growlers come in two styles/sizes:


    The larger of the two holds an impressive 64 ounces of liquid. It's swing-top makes for easy use, and provides a great seal. Vaccuum insulated, this will keep your brews fresh and cool!


    The smaller growler is perfect or one or two - holding just 32 ounces of liquid. I personally love this simple, durable size, as I can bring home enough to enjoy a couple of beers by my bbq. The small guy isn't insulated, but the latch top is great, and ensures a nice seal.


    Perfect for your next bbq, and will likely make your homebrew taste even better. ;)


    Like everything we design, we'd be happy to customize a growler to fit your design needs. If you want a different design, just drop us a line, and we'll be happy to work with you!

    • Use and Care

      The manufacturer of this stianless steel growler advises that you should hand wash this product with a soft sponge. Do not freeze, do not microwave.

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